5. Installing the POWER-Up Software

  1. Verify that all the steps in Setting up the Deployer Node have been executed.

  2. Login to the deployer node.

  3. Install git

    • Ubuntu:

      $ sudo apt-get install git
    • RHEL:

      $ sudo yum install git
  4. From your home directory, clone POWER-Up:

    $ git clone https://github.com/open-power-ref-design-toolkit/power-up
  5. Install the remaining software packages used by Power-Up and setup the environment:

    $ cd power-up
    $ ./scripts/install.sh
    (this will take a few minutes to complete)
    $ source scripts/setup-env

    NOTE: The setup-env script will ask for permission to add lines to your .bashrc file which modify the PATH environment variable. It is recommended that you allow this so that the POWER-Up environment is restored if you need to re-open the window or open and additional window.